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  • Mission Briefing
    Mission Briefing is OMEGA's quarterly publication. Subscribers to this list will receive notifications when the publication is available for download.
  • Exercise List
    The exercise list is used to notify volunteer responders (CERT, ARES, etc.) of upcoming exercises.
  • Continuing Education
    List for volunteer responders who are interested in continuing education opportunities.
  • First Aid/CPR
    Interested in a First Aid or CPR/AED class? Class notifications will be sent out on this list.
  • Amateur Technician
    Notification for individuals interested in taking a class for the Amateur Radio technician level license.
  • Role Player List
    The role player list is used to notify volunteer role players of upcoming events/exercises.
  • Media Advisory (regional)
    Regional media in Colorado.
  • Media Advisory (east)
    Local media the east metropolitan area.
  • Media Advisory (west)
    Local media the west metropolitan area.


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