Camp Golden Bell
Camp Golden Bell is located just outside of Divide, Colorado. Divide sits 25 miles west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its a great facalility for the NCRC National. It sits on a large forested area perched atop Ute Pass. The camp has two cabin areas. The High Chapparel Camins area has 110 cabins, a bathouse and a conference center. The Ponderosa Cabin area has another ten cabins and bathhouse.

The Activity Center has a large gym, a large meeting room, five bunk style rooms, a game room, a climbing wall and a small lounge. The cafateria can seat up to 150 hungry participants.

The Lodge houses several meeting rooms and a gift shop. There is an indoor pool, a playground, an outdoor ampatheatre and a miniture golf course on the property. They have hosted search and rescue training groups in the past and will be a great host for this event.

Arrival and Check-in
All students must arrive prior to the start of the seminar at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 17, 2014. On-site registration will be open Friday and must be completed by 10 PM Friday evening. Details will be provided upon registration.

Getting to the Seminar
Camp Golden Bell is located near the town of Divide, Colorado. The camp is located approximately 30 miles west of Colorado Springs on US Highway 24. The address is 380 County Road 512, Divide, CO 80814. The nearest major airport is the Colorado Springs Airport. The Colorado Springs Airport is 40 miles (55 minutes) from Camp Golden Bell.

Meal Plan
The meal plan is included in the seminar registration fee. The meal plan will feature three hearty meals per day, beginning with breakfast on Saturday the 17th and concluding with breakfast on Saturday the 24th. Spouses and/or other traveling companions may purchase a meal plan separately. If you have special dietary needs (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.) please note these on your registration form. We will attempt to accommodate dietary requests.

On-site lodging is included in the registration fee. The lodging consists of camp style rooms and cabins. You will be responsible for bedding (sleeping bags, pillows, etc.) Persons who prefer a motel or other off site accommodations must make their own arrangements. There is no on-site camping.

Daily high temperatures at the camp can be expected to average around 65F (18C) with nighttime lows averaging 41F (5C). Divide gets an average of 2.4 inches of precipitation in May. Average relative humidity is 30%.

The elevation of the Camp is slightly over 9,000 feet above sea level. The elevation of the caves is 6,400 to 6,600 feet. The caves are at the base of Pikes Peak in Williams Canyon, just outside of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Williams Canyon is approximately 35 minutes from camp Golden Bell. The outdoor temperature at Manitou Springs in May features average highs of 72F (22C) with average lows of 45F (7C). Be prepared for a short hike to the cliffs and caves. Long pants, short sleeve shirts, hats, jacket, sunscreen, bug repellent, sturdy boots and plenty of water are recommended for comfort and safety during outdoor activities. Rain is unlikely, but possible. It may be a good idea to bring some rain gear.

The caves are mostly dry with cave temperatures between 52F and 54F (11C and 12C). Rugged clothing (caving coveralls or caving pants), kneepads, sturdy boots and leather gloves are recommended.

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